BMW ABS and Brake Servo Faults

One of the most common issues we come across is a 'Brake Failure' warning light. Below is a short explanation of what to do if your bike presents with this.

First, don't panic! It could be something as simple as low brake fluid level or low battery voltage.The best thing to do is to bring the bike to us for a diagnostic check. If it’s something simple we may be able to fix it for you while you wait. If not, you can leave the bike with us to repair.

Pre 2007 Models:

It is likely that the servo unit is at fault, in which case there are two options:

1. Replace the unit with a new BMW servo These units vary in price depending on the model of bike, but generally cost between £1,200 and £1,600 (+VAT and fitting).

2. Remove the ABS/servo unit This is the cheapest and, in our opinion, best option. We can remove the ABS/servo unit from all models of BMW. Unfortunately the ABS is built into the servo unit and so it is impossible to save the ABS.

Pre CAN-bus motorcycles can be returned to standard brakes without any warning light issues, but we have to leave the ECU on some of the models to prevent errors with the speedometer.

CAN-bus motorcycles can now be returned to standard brakes; however, depending on the model and the various extras, we may have to sacrifice the amber warning light that is used to alert you to any minor problems such as low fuel or bulb monitoring issues.

2007 and newer models:

On ABS only models the unit can be reconditioned and comes with a lifetime warranty (non-transferable between owners)

This process can take 10 days as we have to send them away for repair.

The cost for ABS reconditioning is £520 including VAT