Welcome to Graham's Motorcycles Workshop

BMW Servicing

Graham's Motorcycles specialise in servicing BMWs. With Graham specialising in Air Head Boxers and early K models and Stephen spending most of his time working on the newer bikes, there aren't many problems we can't deal with!

We follow the BMW service schedule with a few extra items we feel need addressing (i.e. servicing brake callipers - as opposed to visually inspecting them).
We use Mahle Filters and Castrol oils as standard, but if you would prefer we also stock HiFlo filters and Silkoline oil 

Japanese bikes

Although we do specialise in BMW motorcycles we are just as skilled at working on Japanese bikes such as Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas and Kawasakis.
Unfortunately due to the unreliability of parts and part suppliers we do not work with/on Chinese Motorcycles. We are also not equipped to work with scooters or Quads.


At Graham's Motorcycles we are fully equipped to deal with any MOT-related faults. Although we don't provide MOTs ourselves, we can take your bike for an MOT while its with us for a service.

BMW Clutch Replacement

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BMW ABS and Brake Servo Faults

One of the most common issues we come across is a 'Brake Failure' warning light. Below is a short explanation of what to do if your bike presents with this.

First, don't panic! It could be something as simple as low brake fluid level or low battery voltage.The best thing to do is to bring the bike to us for a diagnostic check. If it’s something simple we may be able to fix it for you while you wait. If not, you can leave the bike with us to repair.

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